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An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States for Young People

- Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz; adapted by Debbie Reese and Jean Mendoza


Land Acknowledgment ToolkitCalifornia Indian Culture & Sovereignty Center

California Museum & Cultural Center

      - Native STEM Maker Program

      - 7 Essential Understandings for California Indian History and Culture

Native Knowledge 360° Education Initiative - Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Lessons of Our Land

Ziibiwing Center

      - American Indian Boarding School Curriculum Guide

American Indians in Children's Literature

California Indian Storytelling Association

TeachRock RUMBLE lesson plans

The TeachRock RUMBLE lesson plans bring Indigenous Peoples Day to life in the classroom through music and video from the documentary RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked The World, helping teachers introduce students of all ages to Native American history, perspectives, and issues. 

  • Elementary & Social Emotional Learning for All Ages: Negotiating Native Identity Through Art and Music draws on the personal story of the Black Eyed Peas’ singer Taboo and encourages every student to consider their multilayered identity. 
  • Middle School: The Music Behind The Red Power Movement explores the roles of Native American musicians and activists during the U.S. Civil Rights era. 
  • High School: Indigenous Music from Wounded Knee to the Billboard Charts uses the 1973 Redbone hit, “Come and Get Your Love” to launch an AP-aligned, document-based exploration of The Massacre at Wounded Knee, the Dawes Act, and the federal Indian boarding school system. It includes suggested techniques to scaffold for non-AP classrooms. 
  • High School: Debating Cultural Appropriation encourages students to consider cultural appropriation in varying degrees by watching RUMBLE clips of African-American “Mardi Gras Indian Tribes” from New Orleans, viewing images of sports logos, controversial fashion items, and consulting divergent viewpoints in regards to each before engaging in a structured academic controversy “debate” about the issues. 
  • General Music or Interest: Link Wray, “Rumble,” and Growing Up “Shawnee Poor” introduces seminal Rock guitarist Link Wray and explores the ways his Shawnee heritage affected his North Carolina upbringing. 


Resources by Topic

Indigenous Peoples' Day 

Land Acknowledgement

Boarding School

Native Foods - Coming in Fall 2020

Thanksgiving - Coming in Fall 2020

Missions - Coming in Fall 2020  

Gold Rush - Coming in Fall 2020

California Tribal Curricula






Publications & Resources

"A Cross of Thorns: The Enslavement of California's Indians by the Spanish Missions," Craven Street Books, 2015. Elias Castillo.

"An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States," Revisioning American History Series, Beacon Press, 2015. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.

"Early California Laws and Policies Related to California Indians," California Research Bureau, 2002. Kimberly Johnston-Dodds.

History of Us: Nisenan Tribe of the Nevada City Rancheria,” Comstock Bonanza Press, 2018. Richard B. Johnson.

"Home to Medicine Mountain": Maidu youth experience in government-run Indian residential schools in California. 

"Murder State: California's Native American Genocide, 1846-1873," University of Nebraska Press," Brendan C. Lindsay.

"Resurrecting the Past: The California Mission Myth," Great Oak Press, Pechanga, California, 2016. Michelle Lorimer.


Films and Media


CA American Indian and Indigenous Film Festival


California's American Indian & Indigenous Film Festival









 Vision Maker Media


Tending the Wild


"Tending the Wild"